Thank you to our amazing staff and our community supporters that helped make this happen last year!


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Child Abuse Prevention Month

Hope House is gearing up for April with a variety of activities! Please stay tuned for more information and save the date of Wednesday, April 24 for Denim Day. Denim Day is in honor of a young woman who was raped by her driving instructor. He was convicted, but he appealed, and the judges overturned the conviction. The judges decided that "...because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was no longer rape, but consensual sex."

Denim Day was created to show support of survivors, protest victim blaming, and to promote what consent really looks like. Please ask your employer to allow employees to wear jeans on Wednesday, April 24 in exchange for making a donation to Hope House.​ If you plan to participate in Denim Day, let us know at 608-356-9123 or email We greatly encourage groups wearing jeans to take photos and send them to us so we can promote them on our Facebook page and in our e-bulletin. Please also consider challenging other organizations that are similar to yours or other businesses in your community to see who can raise the most funds for Hope House. Thank you! 


Thanks to all the students at Sauk Prairie High School that stopped by Hope House's Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month booth during lunch on February 11. Students could grab The Date Safe Project's Ask First Respect the Answer wristbands and Can I Kiss You tattoos, bookmarks, and more. Big thank you to the students pictured here that made awareness posters to hang up around the school. You are awesome!


ICYMI: Huddle Up for Healthy Relationships

In case you missed it, here is Hope House's letter to the editor on promoting healthy relationships for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month in February .


Thank you to The Palace Theater in Wisconsin Dells! Hope House was their Concert Series Partner for the Kashmir - Chicago's Led Zeppelin Show, and the proceeds were close to $300!

Thank you to the Temple Youth Group with Congregation Shalom in Milwaukee for volunteering with us while they were in town in February. They did some much-needed cleaning in our building as well as made buttons and prepared kids’ giveaway bags for upcoming community events. We appreciate your help!


March Wish List

Most-needed items needed include: 

  • Food: Gluten-free pasta, Lactose-free milk, Cake mix, Baking chips, and Birthday party supplies
  • New Clothing: Small and medium women's yoga pants, All sizes pajama pants (men and women), Women's jeans size 8-16, All sizes men's jeans, Women's underwear (size 5 & 11), Training bras, Size small and medium women's tops, Large women's hoodies, Men's t-shirts and sweatshirts (all sizes), Children's tops and bottoms (size 5T and up)
  • Cleaning Supplies: Paper towels, Toilet bowl cleaner, Disinfectant spray and wipes
  • Miscellaneous: Shower caddies, Pillows, Hand sanitizer, Tissues, Thermometer, Baby wipes
  • Program Supplies: Duffle bags, Backpacks, Play-Doh

Hope House also accepts used cell phones, smartphones, iPods, and iPads as we send them to a recycling center to later be used as 911 cell phones and receive a cash donation.

Donations can be dropped off at 720 Ash Street in Baraboo. Questions? Please call us at 608-356-9123. Thank you!

Please note that at this time we are not accepting stuffed animals/plush toys, used toys, used books, clothes (except for new sweat pants and sweat shirts, socks, and underwear), shoes, TVs, bar soap, furniture, or travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or lotion. We encourage those looking to donate travel-size items to donate them to the Backpack Project. The Backpack Project strives to provide Baraboo School District students who are financially challenged to enter the school doors on the first day "just like everyone else" and to show these children the community supports and encourages them to learn and do their best. Becky Hovde is the contact, and she can be reached at 608-963-8230 or


Sexual Assault News

  • Oprah Winfrey aired a powerful interview after 'Leaving Neverland' and is ready for the backlash: "'I know people all over the world are going to be in an uproar and debating whether or not Michael Jackson did these things and whether these two men are lying or not lying. But for me, this moment transcends Michael Jackson,' Winfrey said. 'It is much bigger than any one person. This is a moment in time that allows us to see this societal corruption. It's like a scourge on humanity. . . . If it gets you, our audience, to see how it happens, then some good would have come of it'"…Read more

  • The charge against Robert Kraft highlights law enforcement's growing focus on sex trafficking: "The case was thrust into the headlines because of the promise of big-name 'johns,' including, allegedly, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who pleaded not guilty Thursday to soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter. It also highlights what Snyder said was a multinational trafficking ring stretching from China to New York to Florida. Hence, Snyder's insistence that the women were not prostitutes. 'It was clear to us that this was a trafficking case because of the circumstances I enumerated: They're not leaving, they're there 24 hours a day, the hygiene was minimal at best, just a bathroom,' he said. 'So we took it upon ourselves to not do what could be the easy way out ... and we turned it into a trafficking case'"…Read more…Read related article: Even as Robert Kraft faces the music NFL players are taking a stand against sex trafficking

  • Sexual assaults at major colleges are more likely to be off campus, report says: "At some of the nation's largest universities, the vast majority of sexual assaults take place not in dorm rooms or anywhere else on school property but in the neighborhoods beyond campus boundaries, according to data obtained by The Associated Press. But the schools' obligation to investigate and respond to those off-campus attacks could be dramatically reduced by the Education Department's proposed overhaul of campus sexual assault rules. And that's alarmed advocacy groups and school officials who say it would strip students of important protections in the areas where most of them live"…Read more

  • Pope Francis Acknowledges, For First Time, Sexual Abuse Of Nuns By Priests: "After years of revelations of sexual predation by priests upon children and the growing public attention paid to the #MeToo movement, Francis and the church are being forced to address persistent reports of abuse of members of its own hierarchy: the nuns who serve the church in a secondary capacity to men. Last year The Associated Press published results of an extensive investigation of cases of sexual abuse of nuns by clergy on four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The abuse was reported as 'global and pervasive,' and it continued, in part, because nuns feared retaliation for reporting it"…Read more

  • False Allegations of Sexual Assault Are Rare – So Why Do So Many People Still Accuse Victims of Lying?: "It's also important to point out that even if a sexual assault case is dropped or deemed 'unfounded,' that doesn't mean that the assault in question didn't happen. 'It has more to do with the amount of evidence that's available at the time the [victim] makes a report—or, unfortunately, the responsiveness of police and prosecutors that they made a report to,' says Laura Palumbo, communications director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. In many cases, she adds, victims wait to come forward about sexual violence due to direct trauma from the incident, feelings of shame and self-blame, or a fear of how others will react. This makes it harder to prosecute an assailant"…Read more


Domestic Violence News

  • Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence's Friends & Family Guide: "This guide will help you support someone who is struggling in their relationship—and to take care of yourself while you're doing it. People are more likely to turn to their community (friends, family, you) than they are to professionals. Survivors tell us that what matters most is having someone in their life who is there for them, without judgment, to bounce ideas off, get support, and lean on when things are tough. You can be that person. These tips and tools will help you get started"…Read more

  • 'What Would I Have Done if I Would Have Killed Her That Night?': "MADISON, Wis.— I started working at a domestic violence shelter in October 2015 in part because of my own history. I'd been in an abusive relationship when I was younger; I wanted to help women who were in situations like mine, but I also wanted to understand domestic violence better — how unhealthy dynamics of power and control come to exist in relationships, and how they can be stopped. Which is why for 10 months in 2017, I spent part of my time at the shelter and part of my time attending state-certified batterer intervention classes for those who perpetrate abuse"…Read more


Parents' & Youth Service Providers' Section

  • We're Teaching Consent All Wrong: "In education, we try to play the long game. We lay the foundations for college math in middle school and job skills in kindergarten. But when it comes to teaching kids about consent, we do way too little, way too late. And evidence suggests that what we are doing doesn't give students the skills they need to navigate adulthood"…Read more

  • NEW Interactive Safety Resource Available!: "Interact is an online, interactive e-course created for parents and guardians to complete with their children with the goal of sparking basic online safety discussions in the home. This 30 minute module provides parents with the opportunity to review their own tech use to set a good example; interactive activities to complete alongside their children; and follow-up resources and activities to keep the discussions going…The interact program was created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to help keep kids safe online"…Learn more

  • "Send Nudes": A New Study Shows How Often Boys Pressure Girls For Explicit Photos: "The study by Sara Thomas of Northwestern University found that less then 8% of girls shared explicit pictures because they wanted to; the rest did so because of a desire to please, acquiesce to, or avoid conflict with a boy. Moreover, while researchers found that both girls and boys send nude photos to one another, boys are nearly four time as likely to pressure girls to do so than the reverse. If the pair was already dating, the idea was often normalized with claims like 'everyone else has a picture of their girlfriend,' and if girls hesitated, some boys threatened consequences to the relationship"…Read more

  • How Teens Are Becoming Victims Of Dating Abuse In The Digital World: "The more I questioned other teens, the more I saw that Jess was not alone. Many high schoolers I spoke with were tracked on Snap Map, pressured to share passwords, or required to allow a significant other to look through their phone. Others were humiliated on social media or coerced to send private, sexual images by a significant other"…Read more

  • How to Teach Your Students to Think Before They Post: "Led by Carrie James and Emily Weinstein, Project Zero's research project, Educating with Digital Dilemmas, explores how tweens and teens are navigating the personal, moral, ethical, and civic dilemmas of today's networked world and the roles adults can play to best support young people. As one middle school teacher in their research explained, 'I'm not interested in just giving them a definition of sexting, because that's not going to help them make a decision at ten o'clock on a Saturday night'"…View the 3rd-8th Grade Lesson Plans Here

  • Ten Best and Worst Super Bowl 2019 Ads: "With more than 100 million viewers tuning in, these ads have tremendous power to influence narratives around gender and race. And while the good news is that only one ad was overtly sexist using hypersexualized images of women's bodies (Expensify), there were still too few female leads considering how many girls and women were likely watching the game. And with women accounting for 80% of all consumer spending in the U.S., we're still waiting for advertisers to feature more women as leads in Super Bowl advertising"…Read more


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