Welcome to Hope House's June 2019 Community Education E-bulletin!

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15

"World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was launched by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations. The purpose of WEAAD is to provide an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting elder abuse and neglect. 

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and the National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) invite you to join us in Lifting Up Voices for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2019. This theme serves as a platform for unifying Elder Justice and Violence Against Women by sharing the lived experiences of older people." Learn more, including specific action steps you can take at eldermistreatment.usc.edu/weaad-home.


602 Youth Presentations This School Year!

June 3 was the last day of school presentations for Hope House's education team. We're excited to announce that in the 2018-2019 school year, our two Teen Advocates and Community Education Program Manager gave a total of 602 K-12 presentations! We are so grateful to our funders and donors to be able to do this work in the schools, to the school staff that invite us, and to the students for their participation in these important topics! 

Here are just a few quotes from high school students on their presentation evaluations:

  • All of the presentations really helped me understand what some people go through in relationships. I haven't dated anybody but when I do I now know how to make sure I am in a healthy relationship.
  • This was such an amazing presentation. I learned so much about things that I haven't even thought of before. It was all so helpful, and if it weren't helpful for me it might've been helpful for someone else in the class.
  • i learned a lot and i got some good ideas to help my friend.
  • Thank you for coming. My family has lived in Hope House before. You’re amazing.
  • You're an amazing speaker and thank you for helping spread awareness!
  • I liked the experience and how it was very interactive.
  • I just wanted to take the time and say thank you to Amanda for coming into RAHS and letting her speak to all of us individuals. She truly made my life change and the way I felt about how to deal with problems. Amanda is a great person and I hope she can continue to protect the people who live at Hope House. Thank you and god bless you!
  • I think that the presentation was incredible, I learned a lot from it and I really value the information that I learned from it. I heard some facts that was new information to me and I'm glad that I know now. I am also glad that I can better assess and understand situations that we talked about. I am grateful that I know how to handle these situations and can respond in a better way than before.
  • It was amazing, I learned a lot.
  • Thank you for coming! I myself have been through this & think people need to be more aware of it! Thanks again.
  • I really liked the stress being put on how if someone gets raped or molested, it's not their fault. That if you don't fight back, that doesn't mean you want it. So many victims blame themselves and say they should have fought more or worn something different. It's not your fault, it's the rapist's fault. It doesn't matter what you were wearing, what you said, what you did or didn't do, if you don't give consent, then they have no right to touch you. Just like the asking before kissing thing. Sure, usually it might be okay, but you should always ask. You never know if the person doesn't want to be touched that day or what. Always ask.  
  • I just want to say thank you for coming. You’ve really helped me realize my emotions and you helped me learn to communicate with my boyfriend. I know how I want to be treated and I can tell him that and he can tell me. We’ve been together for three years and you really made our relationship better and it will help us both in the future.
  • Thank you for coming! I really think we’ll all benefit from this and I wish I would’ve learned all of this earlier.

Hope you can join us for this event!


Thanks to everyone that came to Trappers Turn last month to see Josh Beaton from UMOS present on human trafficking! We are also grateful to Josh and his team for all their statewide efforts in helping victims of trafficking!


Teen Advocates Sarah and Amanda at the Adams County Kids Day at the end of April talking to kids about their safety network. We're always so impressed with the turn-out. Thanks for having us!

Thank you to the Reedsburg Area Medical Center for having us again at their annual Kids Fit & Safe Day in May. Over 200 4th graders attended this fun and education-filled day. Volunteer Coordinator Deb and Advocate Whitney helped students create peace flags - they drew or wrote something that brings peace to their world or happiness when they are going through a tough time.


Hope House's June Wish List

Most needed items include:

  • Food: Single-serving Snacks (healthy options preferred), Juice Boxes, Water Bottles, Canned Food (tuna, chicken, fruit), and Produce
  • Program Supplies: Tomato Plants, Gardening Soil, Watering Can, Mosquito Repellent, Sunscreen
  • Miscellaneous: Plastic drinking glasses, Can Openers, Shower Caddies, Deodorant, Conditioner, Full-Size Fitted and Flat Sheets, Ear Buds/Head Phones
  • Clothing: Women's Underwear (Size 5-7), Men's Jeans (All sizes), Men's T-shirts and Sweatshirts (All sizes), Children's Tops and bottoms (size 5T and up)

Hope House also accepts used cell phones, smartphones, iPods, and iPads as we send them to a recycling center to later be used as 911 cell phones and receive a cash donation.

Donations can be dropped off at 720 Ash Street in Baraboo. Questions? Please call us at 608-356-9123. Thank you!

Please note that at this time we are not accepting stuffed animals/plush toys, used toys, used books, clothes (except for what's listed above), shoes, TVs, bar soap, furniture, or travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or lotion. We encourage those looking to donate travel-size items to donate them to the Backpack Project. The Backpack Project strives to provide Baraboo School District students who are financially challenged to enter the school doors on the first day "just like everyone else" and to show these children the community supports and encourages them to learn and do their best. Becky Hovde is the contact, and she can be reached at 608-963-8230 or Hivebiz65@gmail.com.


Sexual Assault News

  • Reported Sexual Offenses Up In Wisconsin Over The Last 5 Years: “When population is taken into account Sauk, Lincoln and Eau Claire counties, respectively, had the highest rates of reported sexual offenses...Elizabeth LaBroscian, grant coordinator for a Hope House program aimed at improving people’s interactions with the criminal justice system, said tourism in the region could be a contributing factor to Sauk County having the highest rate of reported sexual offenses in the state. ‘Being that Lake Delton is in our service area and Sauk County and hotels that are located in Lake Delton and tourism, I think that that might create an opportunity for more reports to come forward from there,’ she said. But LaBroscian said the high rate is also likely due to people in the community and in schools feeling more comfortable reporting being victimized. ‘Our county has really great school resource officers that children feel really comfortable disclosing to and reporting to,’ LaBroscian said”…Read more

  • This Woman Fought To End Minnesota's 'Marital Rape' Exception, And Won: “Roughly a dozen states shield a spouse from prosecution in a rape case, including South Carolina, where a married victim has to prove a threat of physical violence within 30 days of the rape. Ohio lawmakers are also debating removing a marital rape exception on their law books. Teeson went to law enforcement after she discovered the videos. They planned to charge her ex-husband with sexual assault, but she says that's when his attorney discovered the loophole. ‘We were all dumbfounded,’ Teeson says. ‘The county attorney's office didn't know it, and the judge didn't know that this law existed’”…Read more

  • Dad Thanks New 49ers Pick Dre Greenlaw for Saving Daughter in College from Potentially Being Raped: "When the unknown man attempted to get his daughter to leave the party with him, Dales said Greenlaw 'stopped the guy and said, ‘she’s not going anywhere.' Ultimately, it was enough to make the man leave and never show up to another party again'...'I just know I instantly stopped having fun and paid her my full attention,' Greenlaw says. 'People were trying to get at her, but I called her friend and stood with her until she came'"…Read more

  • Harvey Weinstein Settles Sexual Assault Civil Suits in Tentative $44M Deal: Reports: “The civil settlement does not impact the criminal case against Weinstein, in which he is charged with rape and other sex crimes against two women. Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to those charges and his trial is set for September 9”…Read more

  • Women, Alcohol and Perceived ‘Sexual Availability’: “Among them, the researchers found that people may be less likely to help a woman in a risky situation if she’s been drinking because they might think she’s interested in risky or casual sexual behaviors, and therefore not think the situation is a threat to her. ‘This is especially shocking,’ Skorinko said, ‘because just holding a beer bottle increased perceptions of intoxication and sexual availability for women, but not for men’”…Read more
  • TripAdvisor’s Commitment to Traveler Safety: “The safety filter allows travelers to more easily surface the following reviews in the 28 languages that TripAdvisor makes available: Reviews that were posted in the past year concerning sexual assaults and sexual misconduct by employees of a business, with reviews about other safety categories added on a rolling basis. All new reviews that concern safety issues, including sexual assault, death, drugging, sex trafficking, armed robbery, and physical assault”…Learn more…Read related article: TripAdvisor Modified Its Approach to Reviews and Sexual Assault. Did It Go Far Enough?
  • Leaked Records Reveal Tony Robbins Berated Abuse Victims, And Former Followers Accuse Him Of Sexual Advances: “A yearlong investigation by BuzzFeed News, based on leaked recordings, internal documents, and dozens of interviews with fans and insiders, reveals how Robbins has berated abuse victims and subjected his followers to unorthodox and potentially dangerous techniques. And former female fans and staffers have accused him of inappropriate sexual advances”…Read more

  • Reports of military sexual assault spike 13 percent: “Reports of military sexual assaults jumped by 13 percent last year, but an anonymous survey of service members released Thursday suggests the problem is vastly larger. The survey results found that more than 20,000 service members said they experienced some type of sexual assault, but only a third of those filed a formal report. The survey number is about 37 percent higher than two years ago, when one was last done”…Read more…Read related article: Here’s what the military can do to address its sexual assault crisis

  • Marriott Training All Employees to Recognize Human Trafficking: “‘This training is extremely urgent,’ said Michelle Guelbart, of ECPAT. ‘This is the most important industry to train on this issue, period.’ But according to ECPAT, only three major hotel chains worldwide — Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton — make the training mandatory for all employees”…Read more


Domestic Violence News

  • How to protect women from domestic violence — before it’s too late: “The result is her compulsively readable new book, 'No Visible Bruises.' In a writing style that’s as gripping as good fiction, as intimate as memoir and deeply informed, she takes us into the lives of the abused, the abusers and the survivors. The stories are devastating, but Snyder keeps us reading by pointing us toward possible solutions. She delves into how researchers and front-line interveners are creating practical, cost-effective, evidence-based ways to save lives”…Read more…Read related article, 'No Visible Bruises' Upends Stereotypes Of Abuse, Sheds Light On Domestic Violence

Parents' & Youth Service Providers' Section

  • Check out this Channel 3000 video on a project two girls from AFHS did this April! We were so excited to work with them:

    • Two seniors lead schoolwide project focused on empowering women: “Adams-Friendship High School seniors Deana Johnson and Jaydan Frank have decided they want to spend their lives helping women. As part of their senior capstone project, they teamed up to lead a schoolwide day of workshops that focused on empowering women and on women's mental health”…Read more

  • Madison students call for consent-based, inclusive sex education in wake of alleged assaults:  “Since the East incident, as well as alleged sexual assaults reported at La Follette High School weeks later, student groups across Madison's high schools are demanding changes. These students, who are growing up in the #MeToo era, want school officials to not only push back against sexual assault and rape culture in Madison schools, but to revamp and expand MMSD's sex-ed curriculum while making it more consent-based”…Read more
  • Why trauma-informed care is creating hope for kids in Wisconsin: “The reforms implemented by the school district include a new student health center affiliated with the tribal clinic. The Menominee Indian School District is also working with tribal social services and the county to bring in a rotation of therapists for on-site mental health services. Waukau said more than 270 students now receive school-based mental health care. Additionally, elementary students begin their days with 15 minutes of mindfulness exercises, which Waukau said helps prepare them for the day's lessons. Teachers across the district are also checking in with their students daily to assess their emotional readiness to learn, and newly created 'wraparound' services provide after-school activities and supplemental nutrition. ‘In order for kids to do well in school, we have to make sure their social and emotional needs are met,’ Waukau said. ‘If we build the right conditions, then we build hope for kids’”…Read more…Learn more about Not Enough Apologies: Trauma Stories
  • Trauma-Sensitive Schools Research Study Released: “We have had the joy of observing how these new ways of thinking and changing practices can become a regular part of the way the school is run, leading to learning environments that are characterized by safety, connectedness, and holistic support for all students. This reader friendly snapshot highlights the key research findings and the implications for policy and practice”…Read more

  • 6 Reasons Why Abusers Like Larry Nassar Avoid Detection: “Before we jump in, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of adults that work with children — from teachers, to coaches, to doctors, and mentors —  are safe people who have good intentions and want to protect children from harm. However, just because someone seems like a safe, reputable, and trusted figure, doesn’t always mean they are. By becoming aware of the following tactics, we can feel empowered to take red flags seriously and challenge problematic behaviors”…Read more
  • 'Sesame Street' introduces Karli, a Muppet in foster care: “Karli's debut is part of initiative from the "Sesame Street in Communities" program, which provides free resources for community providers and caregivers on various topics, including tough issues like homelessness and traumatic experiences, according to Sesame Workshop”…Read more


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