Welcome to Hope House's January 2019 E-Bulletin

Thank you to all the groups and individuals that purchased presents for our Adopt-a-Family program! With your support, we were able to provide presents to 18 families as well as to the teens in our teen support groups! Thank you for bringing holiday joy and cheer to these families in need. We appreciate you!


January 28: Free Stewards of Children training in Adams-Friendship

You're invited to a free Stewards of Children training on January 28th. Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children is an evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention program. Whether you are an educator, work in youth-serving organizations, a parent or interact with children in your community, a professional in intervention and treatment, or work in the faith community, this training is for you! 

On January 28th, two Stewards of Children training opportunities are scheduled at the Adams Friendship Administration building at no cost from 9am-11:30am or 2pm-4:30pm. Please allow up to 2.5 hours for this training that utilizes a video, workbook and group discussion.

To RSVP or to schedule a time for the training at your place of business or organization, please email Amanda at AmandaA@HopeHouseSCW.org or call (608) 356-9123. 


Jessica Brackee and fellow guardsmen donated $700 to Hope House yesterday in memory of her co-worker, fellow guardsman, and friend, Madeline Wegner, who was killed by her estranged husband on November 18. Our lantern was lit for a week in December in memory of Madeline and others recently killed in Wisconsin due to domestic violence. Thank you to all the guardsmen who through your donation have helped provide hope to others currently experiencing domestic violence.

To learn more about our lantern project, visit www.hopehousescw.org/news.

The Rome Police Department in northern Adams County decorated their Christmas tree this year with the NO MORE campaign theme, which brings awareness to domestic abuse and sexual assault. Thanks for showing your support of survivors during this holiday season!


January Wish List

Most-needed items needed include: 

  • Food: Cereal, Milk, Butter, Coffee, Produce, Canned soup
  • Clothing: Slippers (kids and adults), Men's clothes (all sizes)
  • Children-Related: Children's activity books, Full-size bottles of kids' shampoo, Kids' toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Cleaning Supplies: Disinfectant spray and wipes, Dishwasher detergent, Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Miscellaneous: Shower caddies, Pillows, Ziploc bags, Toothbrush holder, Spoons and forks
  • Program Supplies: Finger paint, Puzzles (100+ pieces).

Hope House also accepts used cell phones, smartphones, iPods, and iPads as we send them to a recycling center to later be used as 911 cell phones and receive a cash donation.

Donations can be dropped off at 720 Ash Street in Baraboo. Questions? Please call us at 608-356-9123. Thank you!

Please note that at this time we are not accepting stuffed animals/plush toys, used toys, used books, clothes (except for new sweat pants and sweat shirts, socks, and underwear), shoes, TVs, bar soap, furniture, or travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or lotion. We encourage those looking to donate travel-size items to donate them to the Backpack Project. The Backpack Project strives to provide Baraboo School District students who are financially challenged to enter the school doors on the first day "just like everyone else" and to show these children the community supports and encourages them to learn and do their best. Becky Hovde is the contact, and she can be reached at 608-963-8230 or Hivebiz65@gmail.com.


WCCU Credit Union Managers Merry Lynn and Deb presented a check to Hope House staff today. The $300 was contributed by staff of both the Baraboo and Reedsburg offices for Casual Cause throughout 2018. The staff chose several area non-profits to contribute to and both locations chose Hope House. Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you to the Baraboo Public Library and to the teens that created and delivered pillowcases and warm fuzzy blankets to Hope House today! We appreciate your on-going support!


February 9: Portage Area United Way Meat Raffle

Portage Area United Way is holding their 1st annual Meat Raffle at Jack's Tap, 1207 Dunn St in Portage on Saturday, Feb 9 from 3 pm to 6 pm. Hope House is one of the beneficiaries of their funding, and this is a fundraiser to help fund their 2019 campaign. Hope to see you there!


News: Sexual Assault

  • Ending Sexual Violence in One Generation: A Progress Report for the United States 2018: "Every year, RALIANCE chronicles the significant themes, milestones, and events related to efforts to end sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse nationally. This year's 2018 report offers a look back from June 2017 through May 2018, the months before and after the #MeToo movement took the nation by storm"…Read more

  • Accused of rape, former Baylor fraternity president gets no jail time after plea deal: "Jacob Anderson, 23, was charged with four counts of sexual assault after he was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman at a 2016 party thrown by Phi Delta Theta, the fraternity chapter of which he was president, at the school in Waco, Tex., according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram…The district attorney's office dismissed the four counts of sexual assault in exchange for a lesser charge of unlawful restraint, according to news reports. And it recommended that Anderson serve three years of deferred adjudication probation, pay a $400 fine and go to counseling in lieu of jail time, according to news reports. The deferred adjudication means the charge could eventually be dismissed if he does not violate the terms of his probation…More than 85,000 people have since signed a digital petition expressing 'outrage,' and calls and letters have flooded the office of the judge, Ralph Strother"…Read more

  • Sexual Assault Survivors Are Forced to Travel Hours for Rape Kits and Congress Wants Answers: "The investigation, conducted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, aims to shed light on a problem that's just as widespread as the backlog of untested rape kits but much tougher to measure: the lack of access to kits to begin with. According to the International Association of Forensic Nurses, fewer than 14 percent of emergency rooms in the United States provide trained medical professionals — known as sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) — to administer the tests. And the number of hospitals that simply don't keep tests on hand is unknown"…Read more

  • Hundreds of sexual abuse cases reported at children's camps across U.S.: "We found reports of more than 500 victims who were allegedly sexually abused at children's camps over the past 55 years. At least 21 of those cases surfaced this year alone. Victims' advocates tell us the real number of abuse cases is likely much higher, since many are never reported…'If we can level the playing field, create national standards that all camps have to uphold to for accreditation, for licensing, for permitting, for certification, then you start making it more difficult for predators to find their way in,'"…Read more

  • Too Many Black Survivors Get Jail Time, Not Justice: "In 2006, the Tennessee Supreme Court sentenced Cyntoia Brown, a sixteen-year-old girl and victim of sex trafficking, to life in prison. Her crime? Shooting and killing John Allen, a 43-year-old man who solicited her for sex, drove her to his home, took out his gun collection, and tried to rape her. Fearing for her life, she shot him in self defense. But when she went before the jury, they didn't see her as a minor who had been trafficked and abused. They didn't see a girl who'd be forced to fight a full grown man with a gun who threatened to rape her. They charged her as an adult prostitute and sentenced her to life in prison. Last week, after serving 13 years, she came up for parole and asked for clemency. The court ruled she would have to serve at least 51 years in prison before she's eligible for release"…Read more


News: Domestic Violence

  • Domestic slayings: Brutal and foreseeable: "The Washington Post found that nearly half of the women who were murdered during the past decade were, like Parnell and Cisneros, killed by a current or former intimate partner. In a close analysis of five cities, about a third of the male killers were known to be a potential threat ahead of the attack"…Read more

  • Pets of Domestic Violence Victims Will Now Be Protected Under Law: "The PAWS Act will expand existing federal protections for domestic violence victims to include their pets, and will establish a federal grant program to assist victims in finding safe shelter for their animals. The act will also create an amendment to the definition of stalking to include 'conduct that causes a person to experience a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury to his or her pet'"…Read more


Parents' & Youth Service Providers' Section

  • GLSEN's No Name-Calling Week, Jan 21-25: "The week is rooted in the idea of #KindnessInAction — not merely recognizing the importance of kindness, but actively adding kindness into our every action. See below ways to participate and put #KindnessInAction, including lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school!" Learn more
  • How to Foster Empathy in Children: "Dr. Riess urges parents to be role models who show respect and caring for others: 'Billy scraped his knee. Let's go get a Band-Aid for him,' or 'Mrs. Jones just came home from the hospital. Let's take her some soup.' Teachers and caregivers in child care and pre-K settings can foster empathy by acknowledging rather than dismissing a child's distress or by bringing a toy or doll to comfort a child who is upset or injured. Libraries and bookstores are replete with stories in print and video that demonstrate the giving and receiving of empathy for children at different age levels…Equally important is for parents to demonstrate empathy with their own children by acknowledging their concerns and feelings and recognizing their need for security. For example, she said, 'When a child is fearful of a dog, instead of saying 'Don't be afraid, he won't bite you,' say 'Are you scared of the dog? What scares you?' This validates the child's fears rather than negating them'"…Read more
  • Parents for Prevention: "We are learning more every day about what we can do to prevent sexual violence, and we need parents and caregivers to help…We hope that you find information, resources, and support to help you raise the generation that could end sexual violence for good. This page is categorized by the age of the child you're looking for resources to help. Once you click on an age range, you'll be taken to a list of topics related to parenting and sexual violence prevention, specific to the age and developmental level you've selected"…Check it out
  • How a Teen Girl Got Sexual Consent Taught in Maryland Schools: "Maryland is now one of the 10 states, plus D.C., that requires public schools to include information on sexual consent in their sex ed curriculum…'Before we are taught about pregnancy prevention and STDs, we have to be taught about consent,' she said before the Montgomery County Delegation"…Read more 

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